Our Trip to Hillier Gardens

Year 3 learnt all about plants during their day at Hillier Gardens. They explored the gardens to find out about seeds. They collaborated in an outdoor drama activity to learn all about pollination and used colour filters to see how bees see flowers. The children created their very own natural art curtain and caterpillars covered in scented herbs and flowers. While pond dipping, all of the children found and identified lots of interesting little creatures. As well as all of the wonderful learning activities the children experienced some of what these beautiful gardens have to offer, giant rhubarb, bamboo trails, a wobbly bridge, hungry fish, colourful flowers and a stinky skunk plant!


Mediterranean couscous

The children really enjoyed preparing all of the ingredients for their Mediterranean dish today. They looked at the packaging to find that most of them were grown in the countries we have been learning about this half term.

Nearly everybody enjoyed tasting this healthy couscous salad full of colourful fruit and vegetables.

Roman Workshop

Today the children had a brilliant fun packed day learning about the Roman invasion and occupation of Britain. They handled real Roman artefacts, some were 2000 years old! They found out about the life of a Roman soldier, marched as a legion and held Roman weapons as well as re-enacting Boudicca’s last stand with frightening war cries. The children’s knowledge and interest was really evident in their fantastic comments and questions.

Thank you parents for some amazing Roman costumes!

Amazing Corner Concert

Year 3 have been learning to play the cornet with their brilliant teacher from Hampshire Music Service, Mrs Newman.

On Monday they gave a fantastic performance to showcase their new musical skills to the whole school and parents. They have worked hard and put in so much effort each week. This shone through in their fantastic and tuneful concert.

Romsey Lantern Parade

Well done Year 3, the lanterns looked brilliant!

The children carried their fantastic creations proudly. Thank you to all parents and families who joined us at this lovely Christmassy event!

Lantern Parade Workshop

On Friday the children used willow and clingfilm to create fish structures with students from Mountbatten School. These will be decorated with coloured tissue paper and sparkly sequins ready to be lit up to carry around Romsey as part of the Christmas parade.


Tectonic Eggs!

The children enjoyed cracking their eggs to learn all about the earth’s tectonic plates. Squashing, pulling and grating the earths crust to see what happens at plate boundaries as the tectonic plates slowly drift into, apart from and alongside each other.

Brilliant Butser Farm!

Year 3 had an amazing school trip to Butser Farm. They learnt more about life from the Stone Age to the Iron Age and even got to sit in a real round house. Working as a team, the children built fences and spun wool, they each made a chalk carving using flint and created a beautiful piece of Iron Age jewellery.

The children were absolute stars, listening and asking questions. Well done Year 3 and thank you to all of the grown ups who came on the trip, we couldn’t do it without you.

An exciting start to year 3!

Welcome back everyone, I hope you all had a lovely summer.

This morning the children discovered some interesting artefacts during our archaeological dig in the year R sandpit. They found: a basket, an axe head, a log, some knitting wool, a wolf skull, some bricks, and a piece of red fabric. Just like real archaeologists the children logged what they found and made some interesting guesses about what life may have been like on the site many years ago.

What do you think might have happened here?